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Our Story

Our family farm goes back several generations.  My great-grandfather farmed the land with a mule and plow.  He also ran a country store on our farm.  I have heard my grandmother and neighbors tell many “tall tales” about the happenings at that store.  The store stood on the property until the early 1980’s when my dad, my brother and I had to tear it down.  My grandfather raised tobacco and corn.  He was a slow moving, slow talking man but accomplished more in a day than most.  Reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare!!


Gosser Farms has changed and adapted over the past 25 years.  My father raised corn, tobacco and soybeans.  He also leased and ran a dairy operation for several years as well as running a successful feed store until the late 1990’s.  After closing the store and leaving the dairy business my dad and I began and continue backgrounding Holstein Steers.


We have taken our love for animals and diversified even more.  Our first Labrador Retriever, Cottonpicker, was a gift to our son.  We fell in love with “Cotton” immediately and we want to share that experience and her bloodlines with YOU!!   We now breed Labrador Retrievers and soon we will also offer Labradoodles.  We now have Cottonpicker, KoKo, Katie Jane and Eve.


Our Labrador Retrievers are AKC registered and our Standard Poodle is AKC registered all with superb bloodlines.  Gosser Farms strives to enhance the lives of others by offering our services to you.  Again thank you for visiting our website.  For more information call or text 270-566-0061 anytime for upcoming litters.