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04-14-2018 1:50:22 AM CST
I got my chocolate lab Steve from you end of Sept 2016, he is the best EVER!!! I would love to get another pup from you guys!!

Meiner Family
11-22-2016 7:01:10 PM CST

This is our sweet boy that we purchased from Trevor in May! He is the best boy and such a big love bug! So happy with our Teddy!

Kelsey Norrick
12-07-2015 5:31:55 PM CST

We purchased our lab pup, Anakin, from Trevor in June. He is now 8 months old and a great addition to our family! He is very eager to learn and picks up on things quick. He has been to training and has learned come, heel, sit, down, stay, and let's go (walk in leash without pulling). He is now working on roll over and "nice to meet you" (shake hands). He always wants to please us and loves people! We are hoping to get into dock diving this next summer! Picture is from this summer when we brought him home.

Raymond Sturgeon
12-02-2015 6:34:50 PM CST

Recently adopted Maverick form Trevor in November. Awesome guy and really cares that the puppy's go to great homes. Good to know that some people still care. Maverick has been a awesome little dude. Thanks again!